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Someone Like You歌曲 Someone Like Yoump3在线播放 adeleS Someone Like You收录于《21》专辑。歌词:Adele - Someone Like You I heard That you re settled down That you Found a girl And you re Marrie 坛蜜请做我的奴隶吉吉

爆强Someone like you歌词翻译 - 这牛逼的翻译把人都看哭了! | Someone like you 另寻沧海 Adele阿黛拉 I heard, that your settled down. 已闻君,诸事安康。 That you, found a girl and your married now.遇佳人,不久婚嫁。 I heard that your s-cute 292-nana #5

someone like you

Someone Like You (豆瓣) in the Deep Set Fire to the Rain Make You Feel My Love Love The Way You Lie F**kin' Perfect Moves Like Jagger Need You Now 更多短评 3006 条《Someone like you 》别寄沧海【 6分钟干哭妹子